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Feweb is a web-application business in located in Arizona. We utilize high availability hosting services where our servers are located on the west coast of the United States. We experience the best of worldwide point of presence. Our servers are connected to the Internet on a 1000Mbps Burstable Port, burstable connection up to 1000MB on a redundant high-speed network. We manage disaster recovery scenarios to ensure your website content is protected. Our servers are configured with backup redundancy and are mirrors of one another providing near zero downtime recovery. We provide extra measures of protection for Wordpress hosting to ensure hack-proof security. We provide uptime service levels comparable to other providers 10 times our size. Our uptime support is 99.9%. We are be happy to offer customer referrals if desired.

annual : $144.00
money back guarantee : 30 days
99.9% uptime guarantee : yes
Disaster recovery managed : yes
Extra Security for Wordpress sites : yes