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About Finkle Enterprises/Frank Koenen

Finkle Enterprises provides customized Internet web-application software development to solve unique business requirements.

Specialized in LAMPP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, Perl) stack development and WordPress.

Frank Koenen

LAMPP Software Engineer Specializing in SOA, Wordpress and WooCommerce
Finkle Enterprises, LLC
  • Tucson, AZ, United States

I am both a software engineer and systems engineer. I provide complete software and computer solutions combined, creating enterprise systems to service Internet-enabled businesses and organizations.

My primary projects are normally oriented to bringing value to E-commerce businesses. Most often, my client's businesses involve consumer retail sales, although I have provided solutions to businesses with Website and Web-application needs in general. My expertise is with projects involving the integration of custom developed software and configurations of 3rd-party solutions that provide larger valuable systems that support the advanced objectives and goals of your business.

I leverage LAMPP and Open Source tools to provide my final solutions. I design and developing long-running, stable, supportable and optimized solutions.

I specialize in building information management solutions, data harvesting, Web-Applications, SOA solutions using AJAX, SOAP, Webhooks, and cooperative data systems. I have designed and architected many robust systems using my experiences of more than 20 years.

My clients include entrepreneurs of any size, large or small, E-commerce agencies, or any business with E-commerce service needs and businesses that have advanced user-experience requirements at their public website, or on their backend/in-house service interfaces. To be able of providing my complete solutions, I support working in both contact and project based arrangements. I am proficient and capable of working both independently and as part of collaborative groups. I am motivated most while working with other self-motivated and cooperative team members on challenging issues.

I have experiences with many 3rd party systems, some include Facebook/Graph-API, Twitter, Paypal, Stripe, Fedex, USPS, Mandrill, My solutions often support these API services to provide integrated front-end/back-end systems for automating E-commerce and other Internet-enabled businesses.

I have integrated Xtuple/Postgresql-based Accounting system with Linux/PHP/Apache systems. Combining my abilities to design and build back-end systems with my abilities to work the front-end in CSS/HTML/Javascript, and using AJAX and Webhooks, I am able to build quick and usable Web-Applications and rich end-user experiences.

I am an expert in solving enterprise needs of quick access data using Open LDAP, providing and integrating single login for customers and business associates as well as organizing and indexing large data collections of customer records.

Often, Wordpress and custom Wordpress-plugins are central to my system designs. I have a few plugins I have developed and have shared with