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Software Services

We have experience developing software for Internet Web, Internet website hosting, and other back-end application development. Our projects have included application coding, code-design, system architecture and system-services configuration, and implementing Web and Internet based front-end and service oriented applications.

We offer our experiences in Web developer in the building of E-commerce sites including on-line payment features, shopping carts, credit-card handling and secure-certificates.

We are proficient and utilize programming languages Perl, PHP, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, XML, and AJAX/WEB2.0 techniques. Our web applications utilize the technologies of XML/XSLT, Apache, MySql, Postgres and other SQL databases, Sleepycat DB, Internet network directory services using OpenLDAP, and SMTP services using Postfix MTA. Our latest web applications work with responsive design principles to provide a unified solution for your website, desktop and mobile devices in one solution.

WordPress is our primary focus for web-site framework. We have developed several customized plugins for WordPress, some are offered at as well.

Please use our contact form, HERE, if you're looking for programming support in for your Geodesic Solutions software ( addons or smarty templates. Also check our Geodesic live help here.

We provide solutions using a vast number of programming languages including Php, Perl, Javascript/jQuery, C, Unix Shells(C,Bash,Ksh,Dialog), Awk, and Tk/Tcl.

Our experiences with Perl modules including: POE, Mason, DBI, BerkeleyDB, DBD/ODBC, DBD/Sybase, MIME, Net::LDAP, Mail, LockFile, CGI, XML/Parser/Expat, Data/Dumper, POSIX, Getopt, WDDX, Log, Socket, SOAP::Lite, URI, Jabber, Jabber::NodeFactory. We also provide experienced solutions using Perl Object Environment (POE) wheels: Jabber, SocketFactory.

We offer AJAX and Javascript applications using the JQuery.

We have experience with the overall handling of SSL/PKI, including certificate creation, signing and installation.