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Software Services

We have many years experience developing software for the Internet Web, the Cloud, Internet website hosting, and associated back-end support. We are prepared to support your project. Our service includes application coding, code-design, systems design and architecturing, and implementing Web-Applications and Internet based front-end and service oriented applications (SOA).

We can provide you support for E-commerce including online payment tools, shopping carts, credit-card handling and secure site setup.

Our support programming languages include Perl, PHP, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, XML, and AJAX/WEB2.0 techniques. Our Web-applications are full responsive design and provide a unified for your website, desktop and mobile devices in one solution.

One of our primary expertese include WordPress, a web-site framework that allows for rapid development. We have developed several customized plugins for customers using WordPress. Some are available for download at

We provide solutions using a variety of programming languages including Php, Perl, Javascript/jQuery, C, Unix Shells(C,Bash,Ksh,Dialog), Awk, and Tk/Tcl.

We offer AJAX, SOA and Javascript Web-application support using the JQuery.